MIXX™ Limited is a specialist in the design, development and manufacturing of products that use wireless audio, wireless charging and emerging technologies to help consumers get maximum usage and benefit from their smartphones every day.

Every MIXX product is designed with the end customer in mind. We consider who our customer is, their current user experience and how we can improve on this to make things faster, more efficient and truly usable in real life situations. The MIXX ethos, whether in product development, customer interaction or company business process is driven by a simple formula:

Is what we are doing simple, useful, or better?

    The MIXX journey began in 2007, and over the last decade the company has grown solidly and steadily. Initially developing wireless audio products, we then extended our portfolio to include wireless charging and mobile accessories that are both useful and essential to the consumer.


    I consider myself to be extremely lucky to be involved in an industry that is growing, always changing and is exciting. With the team at MIXX we believe that there is huge scope to innovate the way in which customers are served, products are built and designed and how companies can be run through 3 simple filters of make it simple, make it better and make it useful.

    Prash Vadgama, CEO


    We are a UK based company. All research, design, engineering, testing and analysis is conducted by our team in the UK. We attribute our continued growth to constantly learning and investing in the research and development of new products, new chipsets and new materials. This supports our core principle of ensuring our customers get the best product at the best possible price.

    We believe that products can be made with great quality components, functions and aesthetics if good consideration is given to their design that directly benefits the customer. Some of our investment is always focused on making sure that the products are both durable and usable over time. To achieve this, we continue to invest in testing facilities both in the UK and in the Far East.

    research and development

    MIXX brands


    MIXX sells its portfolio of products through several brands, both in the UK and across international markets.

    MIXX Audio represents wireless audio products, MIXX Charge focuses on charging technologies, MIXX In-Car helps consumers with practical and convenient in-car accessories.

    Regardless of which product category and brand, they all follow the same principle of serving the customer need by making it simple, making it useful and making it better. Our brands share the same values and these attributes are a must.


    We want to ensure that our customers get the best possible service and feel confident when they choose to buy a MIXX product. This means we have a no quibble returns policy, we provide fast UK based customer technical support, we make it easy for you to contact us and we deal with each person based on their needs, not hide behind some rules. The extremely positive feedback that we receive from our customers, both trade and consumer, is a strong indicator of our successful approach. But where feedback is not positive, we listen and we aim to rectify it swiftly. We are not perfect, but we promise to work hard to make it perfect for you as we recognise that in today’s world, consumers have an infinite choice of who and where to buy products from.

    customer care

    collaborative working


    MIXX has developed a reputation for working in a collaborative and open manner with its customers. As a result of this, both the customer and MIXX as a company benefit by achieving goals much quicker and more efficiently. This has helped the company grow through very difficult market conditions over the past 10 years (2008-2019). Today, we are working with leading companies from around the world in developing products that are unique, packaging that is relevant and processes that help our trade customers achieve their desired objectives.

    A valuable outcome of having an open culture of working with our trade customers has been the sharing of insights which we may otherwise not have had. And in reciprocation, we provide added value to them by keeping them informed of new trends in technology.


    Since the beginning, we have always been conscious of the impact that we have in the running of our business and felt that it was essential that we try to do more good than harm. We live in a complex world, with complex supply chains and commercial pressures to constantly get more for less. However, we feel that things can’t just be compromised.

    To us, ‘can’t be compromised’ means avoiding cruelty to animals and minimising the use of single use plastic in our packaging. MIXX products have always used faux leather and since the beginning of 2018 we have been on target to eradicate 95% of plastic in our packaging. Moving forward, we are investigating how we can further remove plastics even in the construction of our products.

    alternative to leather


    We are extremely fortunate to have celebrated over 10 years in business. And we are super excited to be growing in new international markets and new customer channels. We continue our objective to make our products better, simpler and more useful without having a negative impact on the world. We strive to deliver innovative and relevant products that add value to both our trade customers and end user customers.

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