MIXX Ltd is committed to protecting the environment and reducing the impact that plastic pollution is having on marine life and human health. Roughly 300 million tons of plastic is produced in the world each year, 50% of which is single use, with 8 million tons dumped into our oceans every year.* At current levels, 40% of Europe’s plastic production is packaging**, unnecessarily endangering marine life as well as contributing to human consumption of micro plastics.

As a growing technology company, with our retail customers requiring product packaging, we set ourselves the internal target to minimise the environmental impact of our own packaging, to source sustainable eco-friendly materials for production, and improve on our ecological footprint.

We have therefore embarked on a project to reduce the amount of plastic used in our packaging by 80% or more by the close of 2020.

We have already begun to achieve this by working with a supply chain whose environmental ethics are in line with our own; using recycled and recyclable materials in order to manufacture our products and our packaging.